Governmental Affairs Committee

The Evanston Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You To The Wyoming Prosperity Project!

 The Evanston Chamber of Commerce gladly brings its members access to the Wyoming Prosperity Project which is a partnership between Business Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) and the Wyoming Chamber Partnership (WCP).

The Wyoming Prosperity Project is designed to aid in the communication between employers and their employees about candidates, issues and elections in a non-partisan, pro-business way.

Citizen participation and voting is a great power entrusted to the people. It is the cornerstone of American Government. The power to vote enables you to elect represenatives who serve the public. Your vote shapes the future!

Please visit our website for additional information.


Uinta County Election Information

As the County's chief elections officer, Lana L. Wilcox, is proud to host the Uinta County Elections website. She and her staff are anxious to give you the election information you need and want. If you cannot find answers to your questions on their website, please call the Uinta County Clerks office, stop by or send an email.

Uinta County Election Information


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